And the winners are:
A & J Puist, A Food Pantry Donation from C Fis, and M Wagst.

Just a comment - I'm shocked at the non-participation.  When I used to do the mailings; there was a better response.  I'm sorry for an email vs. a USPS envelope.  Yet, I'm attempting to keep costs down so I can contribute vs postage expenses.  Please try to read my emails or at least glance at them.  Thank you!  And have a wonderful Thanksgivings!!!!
PictureAfter Thanksgiving Dinner!
CK's Nineteenth

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

At @properties we are thankful for our many neighbors, friends, and clients who have become new friends!  We are thankful for your business and for the opportunity to help many of you over the past years with your real estate needs. 

Chris or “CK” (as some of you know her) is having her Nineteenth Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Raffle with the drawing to take place on November 18th and delivery to be the week of Thanksgiving.  As you remember from our prior drawings, there have been several winners each year!  As always, we are offering the winners a choice of a frozen turkey delivered to your door, or; if you wish, we will donate your turkey to a local food pantry.  The donation will provide Thanksgiving dinner to several families.  All you need to do is send me an email entitled Turkey Time at CK@CKrealtor.com with your name and phone number.  We will notify the winners by phone in order to arrange a time to drop off your turkey!  Best of luck and have a great holiday!



12/07/2016 6:06pm

I'm still wondering why we eat turkeys on thanksgiving. I mean, how did it become the thanksgiving bird? As far as I know, it is still a mystery until now. Nobody knows why is it being served on every table during November. I would be really glad if someone can tell me anything about it.

03/04/2017 9:55am

This is one of the few holidays we celebrate by the whole family. That is why I like it very much,.

03/17/2017 8:07pm

Thanksgiving is one of the occasions that we celebrate with the whole family. This is the time that we have family bonding. We talk and we eat together. Turkey is the most important dish that my mother prepare. We celebrate Thanksgiving with love. This is the most unforgettable moment that I will cherish forever.


I like Thanksgiving as a holiday so much! It's always so warm in my family!

06/07/2017 2:24am

I am excited every time that the Thanksgiving season is coming. I love the food that are served. I also love the feels of this occasion. I love eating the turkeys that are prepared for this day, but up to now I still wonder how it became part of this day. Can someone share me some idea about this?


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