The respondents to a recent survey said they believe that you need a minimum of 15% for a down payment to buy a new home or Condo. They also thought that the closing cost would amount to $5,000.00 or more.

The purchase of a home usually entails saving for two up-front costs. The down payment which is a percentage of the total purchase price of the house.  

In addition to a down payment, funds are needed to cover closing costs. Closing costs include all fees required to execute the sales transaction, such as attorney fees, title insurance, appraisals and tax escrows. Most home buyers will need at around $3,000.00 for closing costs. In some instances the seller or lender may be willing to help with these costs.

Most programs today do not require any reserves at all. Reserves are funds over and above the down payment and closing costs.

Today, first time borrowers in Illinois can purchase a home with as little as $1,000.00 down with the assistance of an IHDA grant. Some 401(k) plans allow employees to borrow against the plan. Proceeds from borrowing against one's own retirement funds can be used toward a down payment. Veterans of the armed forces can use their VA benefits and buy a home with no down payment at all. There are also FHA programs that require as little as 3.5% down plus closing costs for purchasers that do not qualify for the previously mentioned programs.

Since the down payment required depends on the purchase price, a home buyer should meet with a mortgage lending professional to determine how large a mortgage can be obtained.

More than half of all first time home buyers receive gift funds from relatives in order to help with their down payments.

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Yes, home buyer really should meet with a mortgage lending professional to determine how large a mortgage can be obtained!

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Since the up front installment required relies on upon the price tag, a home purchaser ought to meet with a home loan loaning proficient to decide how expansive a home loan can be gotten.

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Down Payment is the initial payment that aims as a sign so for the sale and purchase transactions. In general, the remaining money to be paid is usually done in installments or installments. This is very helpful for those who want to repay the payment.

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